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Handloom Necessaire Bag made using recycled VHS tapes. Designed by "Tropicca" in Brazil, this piece has won a sustainability design award for the creative and eco-friendly use of VHS tapes, producing the products without the use of water. 

As all Purple Mango products, this bag has a story behind it.

The project was born from the love of handloom techniques and it became a collaborative initiative with artisans in a small country town in Brazil.

With the motto of “our tool is love and sustainability is the result”, Tropicca has been producing outstanding fashion products that are not just stunning, but very importantly they are on a mission of delivering ethical and sustainable fashion pieces.

The Sustainable Fashion project has won a design award at the 12th House & Gift Fair awards in South America, recognised by its sustainability concept.

Sustainable Handloom Necessaire Bag

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