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The unique and gorgeous piece is made of 100% wild organic rubber produced by local rubber-tapping communities in the Amazon rainforest. The full piece is solely made of the same organic rubber material (Semi-Artefact Rubber Sheet – FSA).

The Circle Ring is adaptable, flexible and elegant. It can be worn in two different ways: plain or folder like a shell.

This exclusive jewellery piece was designed by Brazilian designer Flavia Amadeu.

Vegetarian product.

Organic Circle Ring

  • Designed by the Brazilian fashion designer Flavia Amadeu, the Organic Multiple Necklace not only ticks the boxes of an environmentally friendly and sustainable production, but it also covers ethics and socially responsible aspects.

    The production is part of a social project with rubber-tapping communities in the Amazon.

    The rubber tappers collect the latex, which is the sap of the trees that grow wildly only in the rainforest. These trees can be productive for generations. The demand for the wild rubber promotes the involvement of young adults, especially women, in this economic activity. Incentives include better conditions of work, for example, allowing women to work near to their homes while taking care of the children.

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