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Light as a feather, this organic earring is beyond gorgeous! It is made of wild organic rubber from the Amazon rainforest and 100% recycled certified metal. 

The material of the ‘Feather’ Earring is 100% wild rubber produced by local rubber tapping communities in the Amazon rainforest.

As all Purple Mango products, the Feather Earring has a beautiful story behind it. Designed by the Brazilian fashion designer Flavia Amadeu, this organic earring's production is part of a social project with rubber tapping communities in the Amazon.The rubber tappers collect the latex, which is the sap of the trees that grow wildly only in the rainforest. These trees can be productive for generations. The demand for the wild rubber promotes the involvement of young adults, especially women, in this economic activity. Incentives include better conditions of work, for example, allowing women to work near to their homes while taking care of the children.

Organic 'Feather' Earring Black

  • By purchasing this piece you are contributing to the Amazon preservation and to it’s local communities. thanks for being port of this initiative!

  • Your wild-rubber piece needs to be treatment with love so it can continue to be gorgeous for a long time:

    • Keep you product in a flat surface, or for necklaces it is suggested to hang it on a clothes hanger, for example. 
    • Avoid folding or kneading of your product
    • Avoid storing your piece in contact with silver
    • You will receive a repairing wax that was delicately developed to restore the shininess and colour of the wild rubber. Apply the wax with your finger tips every time your products is looking mat or whitish. In case you do not have you product handy, you can also use gels or liquids that are silicone based (e.g. leather care products).
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