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One size, 100% coloured organic rubber from the Amazon rainforest. 

The wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest is produced by local rubber tapping communities.

As all Purple Mango products, the Pleated Organic Bracelet has a beautiful story behind it. Designed by the Brazilian fashion designer Flavia Amadeu, The Organic Jewellery is made of the coloured rubber FSA (Semi-Artefact Rubber Sheet). 

The rubber tappers collect the latex, which is the sap of the trees that grow wildly only in the rainforest. These trees can be productive for generations. The demand for the FSA rubber promotes the involvement of young adults, especially women, in this economic activity. Incentives include better conditions of work, for example, allowing women to work near to their homes while taking care of the children.

Pleated Organic Bracelet

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