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Organic Jewellery from the Amazon forest arrives in Australia

Who could ever imagine that sap from Amazon rainforest trees could turn into highly fashionable organic jewellery? The Brazilian fashion designer Flavia Amadeu did.

Flavia Amadeu is a Brazilian jewellery designer, researcher and design consultant. The focus of her work relies on supporting the work of local communities through collaboration on handcrafts and on the production of materials.

Flavia's career as a designer spans more than fifteen years, during which she has developed many projects and taught in different design areas such as fashion, jewellery, graphic design, scenery and costume design.

sustainable fashion necklace

Since 2004, Flavia Amadeu has been researching and designing with the coloured rubber called 'Semi-Artefact Rubber Sheet' (FSA), which is produced locally by rubber tapping communities in the Amazon Rainforest.

She is currently a Lecturer at University of the Arts London and a PhD Researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, (UAL).

The rubber tappers collect the latex, which is the sap of the trees that grow wildly only in the rainforest. These trees can be productive for generations. The liquid is brought to the production units built beside their houses, where the coloured rubber sheets are produced.

The beauty of Flavia's project is the interconnection of the environment and the society. Flavia’s places equals love and respect for the forest she is working from and the local communities around it.

The demand for the FSA rubber promotes the involvement of young adults, especially women, in the economic activity. Incentives include better conditions of work, for example, allowing women to work near to their homes while taking care of the children.

Importantly, the economic return of this rubber is superior to all the other kinds of rubber produced locally, enabling the manufacture of numerous local artefacts that can increase even more the family income. Overall, the process is environmentally friendly.

The result of this incredible project is a bright, bold and fashionable piece of sustainable jewellery.

Purple Mango is very proud to welcome the beautiful designs from Flavia Amadeu to Australia. To check out her designs, click here.

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