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Bring Back the Beauty - Starting the sustainable fashion conversation

A perfect recipe to start an awesome sustainable fashion conversation:

Hand pick a bunch of very cool sustainable and ethical fashion brands,

add some superb fashion influencers,

get a magnificent fashion agency to mix them all together,

and serve it on a sublime eye-inspiring venue featuring a mouth-watering vegan brunch;

to top it all, the cherry on the cake: get a stellar Aussie top model to host it all up.


Purple Mango feels very honoured to have been hand-picked by the amazing The Helm Agency to, along side a group of fantastic sustainable fashion brands, participate on it's latest 'Bring Back the Beauty' soiree.

Ethical and Sustainable fashion soiree

The event was hosted at the 'The Plant Gallery' in Bondi, and the out-of-control-jaw-dropping-gorgeous Jesinta Campbell - our host for the day - welcomed a creme-de-la-creme guest list, including Beck Stevens, Stormy Keating, Faye De Lanty, Helen Chix and Marc James - to name a few...

The guests enjoyed a beautiful vegan brunch while hearing so many beautiful stories on each sustainable and ethical brand and the new fashion directions they are setting up.

We at Purple Mango believe that fashion choices are crucial for those that care for the society and the environment, so we felt absolutely honoured to have been able to share our story with this very special audience.

All our products are carefully curated, as they are not just pretty and high quality but also socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

For example, the handloom Bag featured on the photo - which is designed by a collective called "Tropicca" in Brazil - is the winner design at the 12th House & Gift Design awards. The design has been recognised by its sustainability concept. The bag has recycled VHS tapes mixed with the natural yarns in a beautiful handloom technique.

We very much believe that it's time to start - and don't stop - the conversation about ethical and sustainable fashion. ✨

How can we all as a society contribute for a better future with a more conscious and responsible living? Small changes make a really big difference :-)


Purple Mango team

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