RIO 2016 - Olympic Celebrations Turned Green! Sustainable Talks on the Spotlight

August 22, 2016

So it has come to an end! What an incredible past two weeks with the 2016 Olympic Games being hosted by our homeland Brazil! 


Rio, you nailed it! We absolutely loved to watch the wonderful atmosphere created around sportsmanship. It just beyond amazing to see the world united - call us utopian, but we so wished diversity was truly celebrated like this at all times...


Overall, the games will leave plenty of positive memorable moments. Purple Mango founders, as Brazilians, couldn’t be prouder.


Undoubtedly Brazil is undergoing tough times right now, and there are no shortage of opinions against the expenditure around the Olympic games.


But we are here to concentrate on the positive side of things… Hard working Brazilians deserve to be proud of their country, and this encouraging and motivating feeling around the games was much well deserved.


From the many astounding moments of the past two weeks, one in particular caught our attention! As the conversation around environmental issues spreads around the world, the Rio Olympic Games placed a great focus of it’s opening ceremony to raise much needed awareness for this global issue. What a perfect moment to remind eyes around the globe of our biggest environmental tragedy of all times: global warming. 


     Good to be green. How Hwee Young/EPA




A particularly special moment from the ceremony was when athletes were invited to plant seeds that will be the start of a new forest in a suburb in Rio de Janeiro. What a remarkable gesture to spread a sustainability message: to get the hands of sports people from around the globe to physically get involved in an action for environmental transformation and sustainability. 


"In a sudden change in tempo and mood, the dangers of global warming were depicted in images and numbers. It was a powerful illustration, not only of the impacts of climate change and the urgent need to do something about it, but also of Brazil’s determination to contribute to debates of international significance.”  Diego Azubel/EPA


We could not leave this post without making mention to the participation of our home-made fashion mogul Gisele Bündchen. Bringing a touch of glamour and no shortage of charm and beauty, Gisele walked her last runway event in her delicate, yet so powerful, signature way. Thumbs up for the Olympic Games for bring fashion and sustainability to the world’s spotlight! We love it!


      A touch of glamour. Sergey Ilnitsky/EPA









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